With Acknowledgement To The Classic
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Don't you miss channel surfing?
Join Alex & Isaac on "With Acknowledgement To The Classic"
as they dive right into the middle of TV series that they've
(and hopefully you've) never seen before!

Listen and laugh as they try to make sense
of complex arcs and simple character names!

Shows are selected from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and other
readily available streaming platforms, so you can join in the fun!

Every week we reassess the shows we have watched in pursuit of
a definitive ranking of all the greatest TV shows of all time.

1. Emergency!
2. Let's Eat
3. El Chapulin Colorado
4. Cheers
5. Bonanza
6. Old Money (Altes Geld)
7. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9. Top Boy
10. MacGyver

11. Death Comes to Pemberley
12. The Golden Girls
13. SeaQuest DSV
14. Shaka Zulu
15. The Lava Field
16. Star Trek: The Animated Series
17. The Adventures of Black Beauty
18. Ascension
19. Star Trek: Voyager
20. Bates Motel

21. The Strange Calls
22. Tierra De Reyes
23. Dead Set
24. McHale's Navy
25. Frasier
26. Remington Steele
27. Party of Five
28. Still Game
29. The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
30. Airwolf

31. Angel
32. Beauty & The Beast
33. Roswell
34. El Chavo
35. Mr. Young
36. Absolutely Fabulous
37. 'Allo 'Allo!

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    WATTC Presents "Star Trek: Voyager"

    CW: Sci-Fi Moral Debates About Suicide

    Alex & Isaac try to get festive in space, but all they find is a race of depressed demigods!

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    A Holiday Hang-Up

    It's a time-honored holiday tradition at WATTC - messing up the recording/editing and missing an episode deadline!

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