With Acknowledgement To The Classic
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Don't you miss channel surfing?
Join Alex & Isaac on "With Acknowledgement To The Classic"
as they dive right into the middle of TV series that they've
(and hopefully you've) never seen before!

Listen and laugh as they try to make sense
of complex arcs and simple character names!

Shows are selected from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and other
readily available streaming platforms, so you can join in the fun!

Every week we reassess the shows we have watched in pursuit of
a definitive ranking of all the greatest TV shows of all time.

1. Highway to Heaven
2. Emergency!
3. Let's Eat
4. El Chapulin Colorado
5. Cheers
6. Bonanza
7. Old Money (Altes Geld)
8. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
10. Top Boy

11. MacGyver
12. Death Comes to Pemberley
13. The Golden Girls
14. SeaQuest DSV
15. Shaka Zulu
16. Wings
17. Star Trek: The Animated Series
18. The Adventures of Black Beauty
19. Ascension
20. Star Trek: Voyager

21. The Lava Field
22. Bates Motel
23. The Strange Calls
24. Tierra De Reyes
25. Dead Set
26. McHale's Navy
27. Frasier
28. Remington Steele
29. Party of Five
30. Still Game

31. The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
32. Dramaworld
33. Airwolf
34. Angel
35. Beauty & The Beast
36. Roswell
37. El Chavo
38. Mr. Young
39. Absolutely Fabulous
40. 'Allo 'Allo!

41. Residue

  1. Thumb 1526957898 artwork

    WATTC Presents "Wings"

    Alex & Isaac leave you with one more episode before saying goodbye for the summer.

  2. Thumb 1525824126 artwork

    WATTC is late!!

    Alex & Isaac couldn't make this week's schedule work, so stay tuned for a new episode next Monday, May 14th!

  3. Thumb 1524533752 artwork
  4. Thumb 1523417339 artwork
  5. Thumb 1522290103 artwork
  6. Thumb 1521170119 artwork

    WATTC Presents "Kojak"

    Alex & Isaac step into the ring with Rocky and a couple of shady ladies.

  7. Thumb 1519704189 artwork
  8. Thumb 1517976077 artwork
  9. Thumb 1515942628 artwork
  10. Thumb 1515021710 artwork

    WATTC Presents "Star Trek: Voyager"

    CW: Sci-Fi Moral Debates About Suicide

    Alex & Isaac try to get festive in space, but all they find is a race of depressed demigods!

  11. Thumb 1514178811 artwork

    A Holiday Hang-Up

    It's a time-honored holiday tradition at WATTC - messing up the recording/editing and missing an episode deadline!

  12. Thumb 1513654232 artwork
  13. Thumb 1512446304 artwork
  14. Thumb 1511239933 artwork
  15. Thumb 1510029798 artwork
  16. Thumb 1497123403 artwork
  17. Thumb 1496428501 artwork

    Beauty and the Beast - "Legacies"

    Alex & Isaac journey back to The World Below to declare their love for Father and yell "His hand moved!" a whole bunch.

  18. Thumb 1495816206 artwork

    Bonanza - "The Spitfire"

    Alex & Isaac start whippin' everything in sight when their brother is killed over a simple misunderstanding about purifying the land.

  19. Thumb 1495197505 artwork

    McHale's Navy - "Wally for Congress"

    Alex & Isaac ship out to the scenic, palm tree-laden islands of the European Theater. They return home to a storied political career.

  20. Thumb 1494636363 artwork
  21. Thumb 1493952736 artwork

    The Lava Field - "Episode 4"

    Alex & Isaac go out to the cliffs, where something dramatic is bound to happen. But they probably won't bother to film it.

  22. Thumb 1493411771 artwork

    Party of Five - "...That Ends Well"

    Alex & Isaac finally decide to sell the house and go their separate ways. But they'll always come back for Christmas...and Easter...and Owen's birthday...and...

  23. Thumb 1492788514 artwork

    Frasier - "Goodnight, Seattle: Part 2"

    Alex & Isaac decide to move the podcast out to San Francisco, but end up in Chicago instead. Their chess set gets lost with the luggage.

  24. Thumb 1492139925 artwork

    Cheers - "One for the Road: Part 3"

    Alex & Isaac rekindle their love after 6 years apart. After reconsidering on the airplane, they turn instead to beer and cigars.

  25. Thumb 1491611154 artwork

    MacGyver - "The Visitor"

    Alex & Isaac, Vortex Vacuums. We're willing to bet that less than 50% of this very long episode is actually about MacGyver.

  26. Thumb 1490925698 artwork

    The Strange Calls - "Jingle"

    Alex & Isaac try to prep for this year's Tidy Town competition...whatever the hell that is.

  27. Thumb 1490314448 artwork

    Shaka Zulu - "Episode 9"

    Alex & Isaac kill their son in order to keep him from usurping their throne. Oops, spoilers!

  28. Thumb 1489705657 artwork

    An Illness, An Apology

    Alex has got a fever, and the only prescription is a 2-minute dose of Isaac.

  29. Thumb 1489107538 artwork
  30. Thumb 1488509845 artwork

    Angel - "Expecting"

    Alex & Isaac celebrate the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with everyone's favorite son-of-a-weatherman, Angel.

  31. Thumb 1487915122 artwork
  32. Thumb 1487307508 artwork
  33. Thumb 1486689703 artwork
  34. Thumb 1485404959 artwork
  35. Thumb 1484808678 artwork

    Roswell - "Sexual Healing"

    Alex & Isaac discuss the exciting new feelings in their hearts and their toes.

  36. Thumb 1484027029 artwork
  37. Thumb 1514746114 artwork

    WATTC Presents "Star Trek: Voyager"

    [CW: Sci-Fi Abstractions of Suicide]

    Alex and Isaac try to get festive and fail miserably. Instead, they find themselves locked in a court battle between two warring demigods!

  38. Thumb 1482501628 artwork

    Old Money - "The Beaver"

    Happy Holidays from Alex & Isaac! Spend it with the Ranchensteiner [sic] family and their lovely doctor!

  39. Thumb 1481866464 artwork
  40. Thumb 1481256466 artwork
  41. Thumb 1480660857 artwork
  42. Thumb 1480085556 artwork

    A Thanksgiving Message from WATTC

    Just a thank-you to all of our listeners! We'll be back next week, watching "The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries," Season 1, Episode 7: "Mystery of the Fallen Angels"

  43. Thumb 1479429009 artwork

    Airwolf - "Severance Pay"

    A payroll error sends Alex & Isaac on a search for a fabled armed helicopter amid a sea of HR paperwork

  44. Thumb 1478843748 artwork

    SeaQuest DSV - "Lostland"

    Alex & Isaac are cursed by the treasures of Atlantis, but manage to resist them with A JOURNEY TO THE MIND.

  45. Thumb 1478268364 artwork
  46. Thumb 1477628106 artwork

    Emergency! - "905-Wild"

    Emergency! - Season 4, Episode 19 - "905-Wild" - Available on Netflix

    Alex & Isaac take a break from pulling three million kittens out of an old woman's attic so that they can pretend to hunt down a missing yak.

  47. Thumb 1477013998 artwork

    The Adventures of Black Beauty - "Game Of Chance"

    The Adventures of Black Beauty - Season 2, Episode 26 - "Game Of Chance" - Available on Hulu Plus

    Alex & Isaac discover that gamblers can be heroes and little white ponies can be agents of pure chaos.

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